Jennifer M. Van Voorhis, Esq.

Jennifer M. Van Voorhis, Esq.

Having lived around the country, Jennifer Van Voorhis has been blessed by having a front row seat to
some of the most majestic and awe inspiring terrain the US offers. She has also been privy to a
multitude of natural disasters; hurricanes in Hawaii, New York, and New Jersey; wild fires in the high
deserts of Oregon; torrential downpours and mudslides in Western Washington; ice and snow events in
New York and New Jersey; as well as the everyday losses which are brought regularly to our firm—
house fires, theft, and freak storms.

Jennifer feels privileged and lucky to have found a career that allows her to help others, not only when
they face loss from the above named perils, but any time they rely on their policy of insurance to cover a
loss. Often times, it’s policyholders find out that it’s not always as easy as just reporting a claim.
Sometime, they need help and Jennifer is the right attorney for the fight.

Hawaii Pacific University
BA Social Science

JD Rutgers University School of Law
Camden 2004

Juris Doctor