Dalli Seyb, Esq.


Another newer face on the Merlin Law Group team is Texas native, Dalli Seyb. From an early age, Dalli was aware of the disparity in first-party property insurance claims. With the family residing in Texas, as a claims adjuster Dalli’s father was often on the road, and would travel back and forth on cases. When black mold cases were on the rise in California, requiring Dalli’s father to be there for longer periods of time, the family packed up and moved to be with him in 2003. “We loved our time there,” says Dalli, “the weather was great, and we weren’t too far from the beach!”

Dalli’s love of art and design led her eventually seeking a career in fashion and retail buying at The Art Institute of California, San Diego. But 2008 saw a big shift in the job market, and with a few years already under her belt working as both an independent insurance adjuster and claims reviewer while she earned her Bachelor of Science degree, it was a natural progression to pursue the first-party property insurance field further.

“My whole family was in insurance and construction, and I liked it,” says Dalli, “I worked as an insurance adjuster, then as an independent claims reviewer.” In her case review, she started noticing a trend. She would see assessments of properties conducted, the resulting reports indicating various issues, then see the insurance companies respond with claims ignoring those issues. “You can’t put a roof back on if there’s no surface to nail it to!” exclaims Dalli. “It really irked me.”

Dalli credits her father for guiding her next steps. Seeing those same issues all his years first as a claims adjuster, then as a public adjuster, he told her, “Attorneys get things done. If you really want to fight this, become an attorney.” Dalli enrolled and earned her Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School (formerly Phoenix School of Law) while continuing her work in claims review and as an onsite CAT manager, training other adjusters along the way.

For a time, Dalli worked as an attorney in medical claims advocacy in California, often fighting the same unfair payment practices, improper denials, and delayed reimbursements. She also worked for several years in criminal defense. The last six years, Dalli has had her own practice in first-party insurance litigation, representing homeowners and business in suits against their insurance carriers. Weighing all options for successful first-party action, Dalli advised her clients accordingly, often negotiating with the aim of securing settlements in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution programs.

Now a member of the Merlin team, Dalli is eager to learn as fast as she can. “I’ve done many things by myself a few times, but I really want to learn more, how to take depositions, make motions, case a trial. I am here to learn it all.” With her passion for and in claims advocacy, she is a great fit for the firm. “I’d like to see big changes made in the industry,” says Dalli. “Currently, so many laws are pro-corporation, with laws that benefit insurers.”

Licensed in both Texas and California, Dalli also has licenses pending in Arizona. When she is not busy representing clients in their first-party insurance claims cases, Dalli is mom to two young and very active boys. She and her family love all sports, from t-ball and baseball to soccer and football, and enjoy music and attending concerts together.


Arizona Summit Law School (formerly Phoenix School of Law), Phoenix, AZ
Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, May 2013


The Art Institute of California– San Diego, San Diego, CA