W. Anthony “Tony” Loe, Esq.


W. Anthony “Tony” Loe has an unwavering dedication to his clients, their cases, and the pursuit of justice.

Tony has an unparalleled work ethic, giving 110% to victims, and despising bullies.  His work at the State Attorney’s Office was fulfilling because he was able to be the voice for those that had no voice in capital crimes cases. Tony now takes that same level of conviction and applies it to those who have been wronged by their insurance company.  He has a unique perspective and a passion for first-party insurance cases and is excited to return to that work, joining attorney Javier Delgado and the Merlin Law Group.

To quote one of Tony’s Clients:

“Whether it is as the victim of a crime, or the victim of an insurance company, all we want is to be heard.  We are tired, overwhelmed, and feel hopeless, dismissed, and lost in a system that doesn’t always play fair.  Somehow, through your dedication, you manage to balance that out for us.  And in the end, you provide that sense of ‘someone having your back in it all.  With you at our side, we don’t have to fight alone. That is your true gift. The rest just makes you some sort of a superhuman being. Truly.”

-D.P. (Victim of Hurricane Michael, October 2018)

After 35 years as a prosecutor, with the majority of that time spent handling capital crimes, Tony brings extensive experience in complex and high-profile litigation.  As an Assistant State Attorney, he personally tried more than 160 jury trials, of which 150 he tried by himself.  More than fifty of his jury trials were First Degree Murder cases.

Tony’s attention to detail proves itself as a rare and invaluable asset, as he has uncovered experts who have inflated or falsified their credentials or expertise, therefore causing them to decline to testify in the litigation. One such example brought the conviction for three counts of perjury and a sentence of 3 years in state prison.


University of Dayton School of Law
Dayton, Ohio
Juris Doctor