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The Policyholder's Advocate™

Merlin Law Group is devoted to not only helping policyholders navigate the sometimes complex legal system, but we also put forth legislation that will protect policyholders from having to be involved in litigation in the first place.

Merlin Law Group is dedicated to helping policyholders protect themselves in complex legal battles as well as fighting for the best possible laws to protect the insured nationwide.

The Core Values of Merlin Law Group


Established in 1985, we have more than 30 years of experience handling insurance disputes.

Industry Leaders

Across the nation, we have a renowned network of 40+ experienced and honest attorneys.


We are recognized among the best representation in insurance litigation.


We only represent the insured, not insurance companies.


We are devoted to educating the public and industry professionals on insurance regulations, claims processes, and litigation.


We are committed to resolving even the toughest insurance claims quickly.

Why choose Merlin Law Group?

Founded in 1985, our law firm continues to be dedicated to representing insurance policyholders throughout the United States. Collectively, our lawyers are licensed to practice in 25 states. In fact, many of Merlin Law Group’s attorneys worked for the insurance industry before joining the firm, so they bring a strong understanding of insurance company practices. Anyone can file a claim, but it takes experience, knowledge, and savvy to achieve a truly successful outcome. As The Policyholder’s Advocate®, Merlin Law Group aims to drive positive change within the insurance sector by obtaining justice for our clients and educating policyholders on how to navigate insurer bad faith tactics.

When we handle property insurance claim disputes, we hire the most experienced and qualified expert witnesses to evaluate your insurance claim and testify on your behalf. In most cases, we can advance the fees for this. Typically, we hire experts such as engineers, contractors, independent roofing consultants and other professionals to perform a thorough assessment on all possible causes of damages. This is a process that provides us with a very detailed and all-inclusive estimate for determining and justifying a proper settlement. Our use of these professional expert witnesses sets us apart from other insurance law firms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In some cases, property insurance claims are handled promptly and fairly. These instances do not require an attorney, as insurance companies are honoring their obligations to the policyholder under the conditions of the policy. When an insurance company wrongfully delays, denies, or underpays your claim, it is recommended you consult with an experienced insurance claim attorney to review your options.

Merlin Law Group attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, so there is no cost to you unless we win your case. In many cases, Merlin Law Group will hire industry experts, among other resources, to build the ultimate case for you, the policyholder. In these cases, costs can accumulate greatly and quickly. Merlin Law Group attorneys know that these in-depth, unbiased expert analyses can make or break your insurance claim. Merlin Law Group is dedicated to obtaining the maximum settlement for our clients and will advance most costs pre-settlement.

The attorneys at Merlin Law Group will choose top industry experts tailored to your specific type of claim and in most cases, the firm fronts all costs for experienced experts in order to build the strongest case for you, the policyholder. We also have a dedicated trial team should your case head to trial.

From engineers to contractors to independent professionals, Merlin Law Group retains qualified experts to adequately assess your insurance claim. The utilization of these professional expert witnesses sets Merlin Law Group apart from other insurance law firms.

Merlin Law Group asks you to please provide the following documents if applicable and available.
For Residential and Commercial Property Claims:

  • Insurance policy or copy of declaration page of insurance policy
  • Denial letter
  • Any and all correspondence to and from the insurance company
  • Any estimates of items to be replaced/repaired

You can fill out our Free Case Review form to provide any relevant information regarding your claim. Our staff will reach out to you with available options.

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No Fee Unless We Win

Merlin Law Group operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not get paid unless we win your case. We will also advance most costs pre-settlement to ensure you have the strongest case possible.

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