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Up In Flames

In this Success Story, Merlin Law Group attorney Larry Bache defended policyholders against an insurer attempting to bar coverage after a fire destroyed their Missouri home. His tenacity and attention to detail highlights the importance of research and due diligence in fighting to obtain justice for policyholders.

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Colorado Fire Case

When Jim and Joy Gail Piburn’s Colorado property was engulfed in flames in October 2015, they expected their insurer to promptly respond to their claim. Instead, they were disappointed to see their claim delayed month after month with little to no response regarding any status updates.

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Fighting Against Insurer Tactics

Oftentimes an insurer will employ delay, deny, and defend tactics to circumvent paying out your insurance claim. For a homeowner, this is incredibly frustrating. After all, insurance is supposed to be there for you when it matters most, right?

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Bad Faith Practice Regarding Sinkhole Claim

Merlin Law Group attorney Larry E. Bache Jr., Esq., recently had a case involving a policyholder going against their insurer after the provider acted in bad faith regarding a sinkhole claim in Florida.

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