Courtney Abrams, Esq.

Courtney Abrams, Esq.

Some people are lucky to know what they want to do at a young age. Courtney Abrams is one of those that knew early on that she wanted to be a lawyer fighting for people.

Courtney grew up in San Diego, California. Her mother worked in law enforcement. Courtney would help her mother prepare for trial testimony by cross examining her. This lead to Courtney participating in the San Diego Teen Court where she represented juveniles charged with misdemeanors.

Courtney visited and fell in love with Arizona, and she completed her undergraduate work at the University of Arizona. Before law school, she worked as a case assistant in a civil litigation law firm. She then went to California Western School of Law where she participated in trial competitions.

Courtney Abrams likes standing up to the insurance companies and making policyholders feel whole after being denied their claims and benefits.

“It is very rewarding work. I love the complexity of the cases, making each day challenging and unique. I cannot imagine doing anything else as a lawyer.”