Javier E. Rosario Pérez, Esq.

Javier E. Rosario Pérez, Esq.

Javier E. Rosario Pérez joined Merlin Law’s Group Puerto Rican office in 2018 after the devastating impact on the island from Hurricanes Irma and María. Javier’s goal is to help struggling residential and commercial policyholders exercise their right to receive fair treatment from their insurers and thus facilitating the recuperation efforts across Puerto Rico, where he was born and raised.

Prior to joining Merlin Law Group, Javier worked for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico, first as a contract attorney and later as Assistant Secretary of Administration. Additionally, Javier has more than 10 years of experience in civil litigation in Puerto Rican courts and has valuable work experiences in both the private sector and government. Throughout his career as a lawyer, Javier prides himself as advocate of public rights and environmental issues. His knowledge, experience, and solid work ethic contributes to obtaining great results for his clients.

Javier graduated in 2004 from the University of Puerto Rico Law School and has been a member of the Puerto Rico Bar Association since.  He is admitted to Federal District Court for the District of Puerto Rico. Javier obtained a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a master’s degree in Aerospace System Design from Georgia Tech. His training as an engineer and strong science and math background has helped distinguish himself in the law profession as it relates to complex and technical matters involved in property damage claims.

In his spare time, Javier is a dedicated father of one active youngling, a soccer fan, and nature enthusiast.

University of Puerto Rico Law School
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Juris Doctor

Georgia Tech
Atlanta, Georgia
Aerospace Engineering
Master’s Degree in Aerospace System Design