Erin Dunnavant, Esq.

Erin Dunnavant, Esq.

Erin was an accomplished collegiate cross country runner. While she has spent hours working to hone the physical demands of the sport, it’s the self-satisfaction and sense of achievement that always made Erin want to out-run her competitors. Competitiveness, endurance, and tenacity are also the qualities that Erin brings to each and every case she touches.

Erin has worked fighting on behalf of policyholders since she began practicing in 2011. She is committed to holding insurance companies accountable for the promises they make to their insureds.

Erin is not afraid to take an insurance company all the way to the mat. In fact, she has tried and prevailed in jury trials against some of Florida’s most well-known insurance companies, including Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company.

Erin specializes in sinkhole and weather-related claims and provides exceptional client service before, during, and after her cases.

It goes without saying that Erin is her own force of nature when it comes to obtaining a favorable outcome for weather-related claims. When she is not advocating on behalf of policyholders, Erin enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters and rooting for her favorite sports teams, the Kentucky Wildcats and the Minnesota Vikings.

Florida Coastal School of Law

Jacksonville, Florida, Juris Doctor

Barton College

Wilson, North Carolina

Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism

Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Philosophy