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Insurance Lawyers – Contingency Fee Basis

Why Choose Insurance Claim Lawyers at Merlin Law Group?

Merlin Law Group, P.A. is dedicated to providing efficient and effective legal counsel so that our clients receive the full benefit of their insurance policy for which they are entitled or as we see it—Justice for the Policyholder®.

Our law firm is dedicated to representing insurance policyholders throughout the United States. Collectively our lawyers are licensed to practice in Fourteen states. In fact, many of Merlin Law Group’s attorneys worked for the insurance industry before joining the firm, so they bring to their client’s case a strong understanding of insurance company practices. Our insurance attorneys have represented homeowners, business owners, government entities, commercial property owners, homeowners associations, condo associations, shopping plazas, storage facilities, industrial properties, hospitals, malls and churches in thousands of windstorm, wildfire, hail, tornado, fire, water, mold, structural damage and hurricane claims. Anyone can file a claim, but it takes experience, knowledge, and savvy to achieve a truly successful outcome.

When we handle property insurance claim disputes, we hire, and in most cases pay the upfront fees for, the most experienced and qualified expert witnesses to evaluate your insurance claim and testify on your behalf. In most cases, we hire experts such as engineers, contractors, independent roofing companies and other professionals to perform a thorough assessment on all possible causes of damages. These experts provide our insurance lawyers the most precise assessment and complete extent of the damages. This is a process that provides us with a very detailed & all-inclusive estimate for determining and justifying the proper settlement on insurance claims. Our use of professional expert witnesses such as highly skilled and reputable contractors and engineers sets us apart from other insurance law firms. We will provide thorough due diligence in each and every case and this will assist us in getting the amount you are owed.

We represent clients from coast to coast with offices in West Palm Beach and Tampa, FL; Houston, TX; Denver, CO; New York, NY; Red Bank, NJ; Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL; and Los Angeles, CA.

For answers to your questions from experienced insurance law attorneys call us toll free from anywhere in the US at 877.449.4700.

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