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Wind Damage To Your Property

High-velocity winds can cause severe wind damage to both the exterior and interior of your property. Common wind claims involve roofs blowing off, trees falling causing property damage, fences blown down and leaky windows. There may even be hidden damages that you don’t realize upon the initial assessment of your property.

Your homeowners insurance policy should cover wind damage, but we strongly encourage you to read through your policy to guarantee that you are indeed covered. There may be loopholes in your coverage that insurance companies may exploit to avoid compensating you after a loss.

Merlin Law Group has handled many of these claims against insurance companies to help the insured recover what is rightfully owed. If your property sustained any type of wind damage, Merlin Law Group can help you throughout the insurance claim process.

What To Do If Your Home Suffers Wind Damage 

You should work on filing your wind damage insurance claim as soon as possible. One of the most important things to do is take before and after pictures of any damage. If you are able to precipitate a possible storm, having before photos to compare for damage is beneficial to your claim. After the storm, you should assess your property and take note of any and all damages. Any insurance representative, public adjuster or contractor will likely photograph any damages, so it is important to have some for your own personal record.

Wind damage can lead to possible leaks or other issues from exposed entryways. If this is the case, you can do some temporary repairs with tarps or plywood. Be sure to keep any receipts garnered from hiring a professional service to secure your property. You should also save any receipts for any goods purchased by yourself in the event of makeshift repairs.

We strongly recommend you do not start any major or permanent repairs prior to filing your claim and speaking with a representative from your insurance company.

Seeking Outside Help

Your insurance provider will send out a representative to assess the damage and take photographs. We recommend outsourcing for a second opinion either through a licensed contractor or public adjuster. This will provide a secondary estimate—perhaps even a more accurate one—of your damages and the financial ramifications of said losses.

It is imperative you do this at the outset of the wind damage claim process. You should have documentation and photographic evidence of any loss or damages as soon as possible once it is safe to seek such materials.

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