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Trust Merlin Law Group with Your Tornado Damage Claim

Tornados have the power to truly leave devastation in their wake. A tornado is classified as a wind event in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Tornado damage is often considered a total loss, resulting in a serious insurance claim.

There are various types of tornadoes, but universally, tornadoes are violently revolving columns of air that are connected between the surface of the earth and typically a cumulonimbus cloud. Tornados have been surveyed on every continent excluding Antarctica, but the majority of all tornadoes take place within Tornado Alley, a region in the central United States. The United States hosts more violent tornadoes than any other country and is four times more likely to have a tornado than anywhere in Europe. Multiple climatic conditions attribute to the United States’ uniquely prone Tornado Alley, averaging 1,200 tornadoes a year.

Tornados come in many shapes and sizes, yet they typically form in a narrow funnel shape. The degree of intensity in tornados varies despite size, shape or location of the tornado. In the aftermath of tornado, contact your insurance provider right away. If your homeowner’s insurance policy has been lost or damaged in the tornado, request a copy from your insurance company.


Relocation and out-of-home experiences may be covered under your tornado insurance policy. Tornados truly have the potential to be calamitous, and your safety is of the utmost importance. Check with your local authorities for shelters. Take the time to compose a detailed inventory and report all damages to your insurance company. Then make the minor repairs, if possible, in the meantime to prevent any further damage.

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