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Fire Damage Insurance Claims

At Merlin Law Group, our claim lawyers understand the tumultuous aftershock that a fire can cause. From clothing to appliances to irreplaceable memories, all can potentially be lost to fire damage. The stress only increases when a valid insurance claim is denied. As a policyholder who has diligently paid costly insurance premiums with the expectation of coverage, this can be life-altering.

Some common reasons for denying fire insurance claims can include:

  • The allegation of arson
  • Valuation differences
  • A violation in terms of the insurance policy conditions
  • Fraudulent accusations/charges

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage resulting from a fire is a cause for serious concern. Most often, smoke damage is covered peril under your homeowner’s insurance policy, but disputes are likely to arise. Smoke can cause damage to your property in a mere matter of moments.

Smoke is a cause for concern in terms of your health. The greatest danger is from the fine particles that make up smoke as a result of a fire. These complex particles can lodge themselves into your skin, eyes or respiratory system and create a multitude of health issues. If you have any pre-existing conditions, particularly heart or lung, you may be more susceptible. Children and older adults are generally at a higher risk.

Partial Loss Due To Smoke Or Fire Damage

If the property is not completely destroyed, policyholders may face a partial loss situation, with the probability of hidden damage. Hidden damage can include a wide variety of things including any inadequate or improper repair or cleaning methods, smoke and/or ash remnants, diminished air quality, or air duct destruction.

A common issue in partial loss cases is a delay of insurance companies, as some may consider a partial loss a low priority. Merlin Law Group attorneys believe that any loss, of any size, is of the utmost importance. If you are experiencing a delay in your insurance claim, please contact Merlin Law Group for a free consultation.

Total Loss Due To Smoke Or Fire Damage

Ultimately, it is the insurance company that declares a piece of property a total loss. Bear in mind that you reserve the right to hire an adjuster of your choosing to assess the damage to your property in addition to the adjuster assigned by the insurance company.

A compelling sign that points to your property being a total loss is significant structural damage. If the core components of the property are compromised, then the property may be considered a total loss.

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