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Hurricane Ida caused damage to many homes and businesses throughout Louisiana. Communities like New Orleans, Grand Isle, Galliano, Golden Meadow, and Port Fourchon were among the areas most affected. 
Merlin Law Group is here to help policyholders if their insurer wrongfully delays, denies or underpays your Hurricane Ida insurance claim.
We have included several helpful assets below detailing the insurance claim process. Please feel free to download these and keep them for your records. 
Many law firms advertise they litigate property insurance claims, but when you dig deeper, they also work in many additional areas of practice. At Merlin Law Group, our practice is dedicated to representing policyholders and litigating their insurance claims.  Our firm has successfully litigated and recovered damages for more than 100 million dollars for an insured on a single case.  Having a dedicated trial team, financial resources to fight the insurance companies and attorneys nationwide has enabled Merlin Law Group to stand out from our competitors.
If your home or commercial property was damaged by Hurricane Ida, you may be eligible to receive compensation from your insurance company. We are affordable and work on contingent fees based on the stage of your insurance claim. We have a team experienced experts who can determine the amount of the loss caused by the hurricane and explain your options for repair and replacement of damaged property. 
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Hurricane Insurance Claim FAQs

Hurricane insurance claims can be complicated. This is why we have included several FAQs from policyholders to provide you with helpful information as you navigate your claim. If you need further assistance with your claim, please do not hesitate to contact Merlin Law Group. 

Are Flood Losses Covered Under My Homeowners Insurance Policy?
Most standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood losses. Policyholders will need to acquire separate flood insurance from another carrier. One of the most common flood insurance providers is the National Flood Insurance Program [NFIP]. You also have the option of seeking coverage through a private insurance company. 


Is Wind Damage Covered Under My Homeowners Insurance Policy?
Wind damage is typically covered under most standard homeowners insurance policies. Damage from windstorms, like hurricanes and tornadoes, to residence structures, attached structures, detached structures (like a garage or shed), and personal contents should be covered. You can find the extent of your coverage on the Declarations Page of your policy. 


Is There Anything I Can Do To Speed Up The Insurance Claim Process Once I’ve Filed A Claim?
There are many factors that determine the speed at which your insurance company will respond to your claim. In a mass catastrophe situation, priority will most likely be given to the most significant claims in terms of damage. There are some things policyholders can do that may help expedite the insurance claim process. These include:
  • Hiring a public adjuster to assist with repair estimates.
  • Consulting with licensed and reputable general contractors to obtain at least two repair estimates.
  • Put together a list of personal property items that were damaged by the hurricane. This list should include the age, cost to replace, quantity, and item description. 
Will I Be Reimbursed For Temporary Repairs Made To My Home?
Yes. If there is damage to your home that could lead to further damage if not addressed right away, you should conduct temporary repairs. Be sure to keep receipts of all materials and labor purchased to complete these temporary repairs, as this will help your insurance company reimburse you for the exact dollar amount you spend out of pocket. 
Do I Need To Hire An Property Insurance Claim Attorney?
If you feel your claim has been delayed, denied, or underpaid, it is highly recommended that you hire a property insurance attorney. Here at Merlin Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in holding insurance companies accountable to the policies they agreed to with their customers. We have the financial resources to retain qualified experts like engineers, appraisers, and more to testify on your behalf. Hiring a property insurance claim attorney can be the difference in securing your entitled coverage benefits. 
What Are Some Common Issues Seen With Hurricane Damage Claims?
Some of the most common delays include frustrating delays in communications with your insurance company, the reassigning of claims representatives or insurance adjusters, incorrect information from your insurer on what is covered and what is not (always refer to your insurance policy), repair estimates and settlement offers that are well below what you anticipated and what is rightfully owed, and overall unfair treatment from your insurer. 

View & Download Our Insurance Claim eBooks

We have created several different eBooks providing helpful information for policyholders engaging in the insurance claim process. You can access these eBooks by clicking the links below. They should provide answers to some questions you may have regarding insurance claims and also some tips on how to handle different aspects of your claim.