E. Alexander Pujol, Esq.


E. Alexander Pujol or simply Alex, as he prefers to be called, was born and raised in Florida. He spent his professional career practicing throughout the entire state of Florida with headquarters in Central Florida. He earned Jazz performance, music and academic scholarships to the University of Miami winning many intercollegiate competitions in group and solo performances. Upon graduation with Summa Cum Laude honors, Alex’s college experience and test scores earned him entrance to the highly selective University of Florida Law School from which he graduated with honors and a number five ranking for his class.

While in law school, Alex continued to garner awards for outstanding academic work including Book Awards (highest ranked student in the class) in Contracts I, Contracts II, and Property. Alex was selected for additional law I and Law II scholarships while at the University of Florida. He was on the Dean’s list every semester of law school, selected for the civil trial clinic representing indigent clients even before graduation, and selected Senior and then Executive Articles Editor for three consecutive semesters.

Alex was offered and accepted in his forth semester of Law school a position with a high profile litigation law firm in Miami. His clients included major Tobacco Companies, various insurance companies, HBO South America, Bank of New York and other banking interests, Creditors of Eastern Airlines Bankruptcy and builders in commercial litigation disputes.

After a couple of years of service, Alex and his wife decided to relocate to Central Florida to start their family. Alex continued representing large commercial interests including most major Florida and foreign Insurance companies, Publix, Winn-Dixie, The City of Lakeland, Polk County Sheriff’s office and other commercial interests. He never lost a trial representing the insurance companies’ liability insureds or the insurance companies themselves.

After seeing the abusive tactics of the insurers and being into his 5th year of practice Alex and his 15-year older mentor opened a new consumer-oriented practice with Alex as a full partner. For 17 years Alex and his mentor/partner successfully represented consumers on the gamut of insurance claims, including personal injury, sink hole claims, workplace discrimination and labor law, commercial litigation victims, products liability cases such as successfully taking on the pharmaceutical industry for the sale and distribution of injury causing drugs, property owners’ condemnation suits, wrongful handling of dead bodies claims: almost any kind of case where a person has been harmed through the negligence or intentional acts of some other person or entity.

Interestingly, Alex became heavily involved in representing policy holders for hurricane damages while volunteering his time to the Salvation Army Relief efforts when Hurricanes Charlie, Francis, and Jeanne all intersected in Polk County and later Hurricane Ivan devasted the panhandle in 2004. Serving on meal trucks, providing shelter, making deliveries of water and food to devastated areas, providing relief to first responders and search and rescue teams, people were constantly wondering why their insurance companies were not doing more to help them. Alex saw the desperate need of these wronged homeowners and provided initial free consultations for whomever asked for help. He has been representing insureds ever since.

Alex has provided significant Florida Bar service including being appointed by Florida’s governors and serving several multi-year terms on the 10th Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating committee, the body responsible for investigating and recommending prospective judicial candidates to the Governor for appointment to the bench. He has been on the executive committees of several county and state trial organizations and has been awarded numerous Pro Bono awards for his work with indigent clients.

He was on the executive board of the Wilson Inns of court where he presented, lectured and mentored new attorneys on professionalism, best practices in the practice of law, and demonstrations of evidence and introductions of evidence at trial. As early as seven years into his career, Alex was being hired by third party law firms to give expert testimony on attorneys’ fees issues and to try cases other solo and small firm practitioners did not want to be lead chair at trial.

Alex is personally most proud of the four children he has helped raise. Each child (except the youngest who is still in high school) now pursuing their own performance, and advanced professional degrees both nationally and internationally. Alex enjoys scuba diving and snow skiing when time allows and has turned his recreational loves into service such as helping restore Florida Reefs, beach and ocean clean up and turtle watch along Florida’s beautiful beaches.

E. Alexander Pujol has the experience, preparation, training and compassion to help policyholders even for somewhat smaller claims and as illustrated throughout his career, the tenacity, knowledge and fortitude to take on the largest of claims even against international conglomerates. Merlin Law Group has the reputation to assist policy holders in a tough area of law and Alex is a Merlin lawyer you want fighting for you.


University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law
Gainesville, Florida
Juris Doctor

University of Miami
Miami, Florida
Summa Cum Laude