Wind Property Damage

Wind Property Damage

High velocity winds can cause severe wind damage to your property not only exterior damage, but interior damage as well. Insurance companies may deny your insurance claim for a variety of different reasons. Common wind claims involve roofs blowing off, trees falling causing property damage, fences to blow down and windows to leak among others. There may be hidden damages to your property that you don’t even realize is damaged. Merlin Law Group has litigated many of these claims against the insurance companies to help the insureds recover what is rightfully due to the policyholder.

Merlin Law Group is often asked to review denied claims where older roofs with wear and tear are damaged by subsequent windstorm or hail. Those claims and types of losses are covered. The issue is some insurance company expert consulting firms fail to note the additional damage trying to help insurers deny payment for the loss by wrongfully claiming that the windstorm or hail caused no additional damage.

In Superstorm Sandy cases homes flooded due to wind blowing water into the property causing damage which was then classified as wind damage.


A gustnado is a slang term for a gusty wind event and property damage caused by winds are covered under homeowner and business property policies; therefore, damage from a gustnado is covered. Many will experience water intrusion into their homes from the heavy rain, but unless the water gets through a wind-created opening in the roof or walls, damage caused by rain entering the property through preexisting holes, cracks and crevices is not covered. If you are unsure whether you have a claim covered under your policy, consult with an insurance professional.


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