Fire & Smoke Damage Insurance Claims


Fire Insurance Claims

At the Merlin Law Group, all of our fire insurance claim lawyers understand the tumultuous aftershock that a fire can cause. From clothing to appliances to irreplaceable memories, all can potentially be lost in a fire. The stress only increases when then, a valid insurance claim is denied. As a policyholder who has diligently paid their costly insurance premiums in the expectation of coverage, this can be life altering.

Merlin Law Group’s decades of dealing with insurance companies has revealed insight into certain tactics used by insurance in order to avoid compensation. Some common reasoning used for denying fire insurance claims can include but are not limited to the following:

  • The allegation of arson
  • An undervaluing of the extent of damage to the property
  • A failure to thoroughly investigate within an appropriate time frame
  • An attempt of low payout to the policyholder
  • A violation in terms of the insurance policy
  • Fraudulent accusations/charges

A very common recourse that insurance companies tend to take in fire claims is the accusation of arson. In the case of arson, fire damage would not be covered under your insurance policy. This burden of proof lies entirely in the hands of the insurance company. If there is instance of a claim denial without factual evidence, the insurance company could be in violation.

Remember, if you are in a situation in which you are filing a claim with your insurance company, it is vital to continue in your insurance premium payments. Do not let any time lapse in which you are not covered under your insurance policy.

Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

The consequent smoke damage insurance claim from a fire is a cause for serious concern. Most often, smoke damage is, in fact, a covered peril within your homeowner’s insurance policy, but disputes are likely to arise. Smoke can cause damage to your property in a mere matter of moments. Literally covering the area from floor to ceiling, smoke damage has the potential to destroy anything in the territory.

Besides causing smoke damage to your physical property and belongings, smoke is a cause for worriment in terms of your health. The greatest danger, in terms of smoke damage, lies within the fine particles that make up smoke as a result of fire. These small, complex particles can lodge themselves into your skin, eyes or respiratory system and create a multitude of health issues. If you have any preexisting conditions, particularly heart or lung, you may be more susceptible to the effects of smoke and at lower levels. Children and older adults are generally at a higher risk to smoke from fire.

Partial Loss

In circumstances that the property was not completely destroyed, policyholders may face a partial loss situation. In these predicaments, there is the high probability of hidden damage. Hidden damage can include a wide variety of things, including but not limited to the following: any inadequate or outright improper repair or cleaning methods, smoke and/or ash remnants, diminished air quality, air duct destruction, etc.

A common issue in partial loss cases is the delay on behalf of insurance companies, as some may consider a partial loss a low priority. Merlin Law Group attorneys believe that any loss, of any magnitude, is of the upmost importance. If you are experiencing delay in your insurance claim, please contact the Merlin Law Group for a free consultation.

Total Loss

Ultimately, it is the insurance company that declares a piece of property to be a total loss. A total loss can be defined as unable to be returned to its original value. This may also be understood as: the value of your home and/or property exceeds the value of your insurance policy. Bear in mind, you reserve the right to hire an adjuster of your choosing to assess the damage to your property in addition to the adjuster assigned by the insurance company.

A compelling sign that points to your property being a total loss is significant structural damage. If the core components of the property are compromised, then said property is most likely to be considered a total loss.

Insurance companies often attempt to cut corners when it comes to paying out insurance claims. Merlin Law Group works on behalf of the insurance policyholder. If you believe that your insurance company has wrongfully undervalued, delayed or denied your fire claim, please call the attorneys at the Merlin Law Group today, toll-free anywhere in the nation at 877-449-4700.

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