Do you have a Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim?

If you are still battling a Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim one year later, our team can help you receive compensation from your insurance company. We are affordable and work on contingent fees based on the stage of insurance claim. We have a team experienced experts who can determine the amount of the loss caused by the hurricane and explain your options for repair and replacement of damaged property.

Many law firms advertise they litigate property insurance claims, but when you dig deeper, they also work in many additional areas of practice. At Merlin Law Group, our practice is dedicated to representing policyholders and litigating their insurance claims. Our firm has successfully litigated and recovered damages for more than 100 million dollars for an insured on a single case. Having a dedicated trial team, financial resources to fight the insurance companies, and attorneys nationwide has enabled Merlin Law Group to stand out from our competitors.

Contact Merlin Law Group's experienced hurricane insurance claim attorneys to learn more about how we can help you during this devastating time.


Why Merlin is a Trusted Name in Property Insurance Claim Litigation

Established in 1985, we have more than 30 years of experience handling insurance disputes

Our firm only handles insurance claims, this is all we do

We have experienced attorneys that have represented more people and businesses and have had more successful outcomes with hurricane insurance claims than anybody

We only represent the insured, not the insurance companies

Proven track record recovering millions for our clients

Committed to resolving even the toughest claims quickly

Recognized as the largest first party property plaintiffs firm in the country