Hotel Damage Insurance Claim

Hotel Damage Insurance Claim

As the owner of a hotel or motel, there are many different liability risks and thus, several types of insurance coverage options that should be considered. Having sufficient insurance coverage allows for preparedness and peace of mind when running a business. To begin, required by law as well as included in your state taxes, owners must purchase unemployment insurance. Disability insurance is required in some states, including: Hawaii, California, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico. In all other states, disability insurance is considered an optional coverage.

If your hotel or motel employees 50+ individuals full-time, you are required by the Affordable Healthcare Act to offer your employees employer-subsidized health insurance. Another consideration is business insurance, a highly recommended coverage that protects your hotel or motel business in the case of extreme financial loss. This is in terms of natural disasters, accidents and more. Hotel-motel insurance is a specific type of business insurance policy that is tailored to the unique industry.

Further coverage considerations for a hotel or motel owner include: general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. General liability protects your business from property damage as a result of a guest, or in the instance of injuries sustained by a guest while on the property of your business. Worker’s compensation is designed to compensate a worker if they suffer from any work related illnesses or injuries. Your business is required by law to cover any medical expenses as a result of an injury received on the job. If your hotel or motel also offers a shuttle or limo service, you may also want to consider a commercial auto liability insurance policy.

If your hotel or motel offers alcoholic beverages, you will be required to purchase a liquor liability insurance policy. Many hotels/motels include a restaurant and/or food delivery service. If this is true of your establishment, a food-borne illness liability insurance policy will protect you in the instance that any food becomes contaminated and one of your guests falls ill. In the case that your hotel or motel becomes contaminated with any airborne pollutants, such as mold spores, you will want premises pollution liability insurance. This insurance provides coverage in the case that a guest of yours takes illness, cleanup costs, etc.

Also to be considered in today’s digital world, is cyber liability insurance. This insurance policy is for an instance in which your computer and data management system has been breached. When this happens, cyber criminals have access to all of your guest’s personal information. As the owner of the hotel or motel, you are responsible to provide credit protection services to your effected guests.

As for property concerns, general property coverage insurance is advised. If any of your property is lost, damaged or stolen as a result of accident, disaster, vandalism and more, you will be covered under this insurance policy. If your hotel or motel is in current operation, then there are also many different types of equipment that are in operation. Under the equipment breakdown insurance coverage, your hotel or motel will be covered under the circumstance that there is equipment failure. Equipment is considered machinery anywhere from an elevator to a washer and dryer to a coffee machine.

As a hotel or motel business owner, you can further protect your business with business interruption insurance leading into utilities interruption coverage, as well as crime coverage and food spoilage coverage. Many hotel and motel business owners might consider purchasing umbrella coverage. With so many possible liabilities in the industry, an umbrella insurance policy would meet any excess liability charges you may face. Following a catastrophic event, it is additional coverages such as this that can make or break a business. The needs of your individual hotel or motel must undergo careful assessment.

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